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Superhero Girl

[ i didn't miss the heart ]

Buffy Summers
19 January 1981
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if the apocalypse comes, beep me

Buffy Summers is a strong woman but her strength doesn’t only come from psychical strength as a slayer. She has grown into her powers and her destiny over the eight years since she was called. Facing pain, anger and too much loss for any one person Buffy struggled through her responsibilities but ultimately came out on top and took control over herself, her life and her destiny. Hers was a hero’s journey.

Buffy tends to act in a self-righteous manner and feels as though her life hasn’t been quite fair. She has a superiority complex but values her friendships and close relationships more than her powers. She relies on her friends and family in a singular manner that is the primary reason she has survived as a slayer for so long. She can be successful as a slayer and a person alone but it isn’t as fulfilling for her unless her self-made family is there with her, at every turn.

Buffy is fiercely loyal but has a strict sense of morality that she expects her friends, family and even enemies to adhere to in order for her to feel a sense of connection – good or bad – with them. When Buffy falls in love, she tends to fall hard but her abandonment issues also have a tendency to keep her slightly closed off. Her past experiences with her father not being there for her have scarred her deeply. These scars were cut deeper into Buffy when she lost her first love to his demon, which she blamed herself for entirely. Buffy’s dreams were shattered when Angel left her after her high school graduation; she didn’t understand why.

Buffy’s taste in men hasn’t always been spectacular but she does have a type. Usually they are connected to the supernatural in some way and are either evil, have previously been evil or fight evil. Two of her three most influential romantic relationships have been with vampires.

"I'm a slayer, ask me how!"

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