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17 February 2010 @ 05:18 pm
TEN things about Buffy Summers  
See there was this thing happening. This portal was underfoot and I slipped inside it and when I woke up with a bloody head, bumpy bloody and absolutely no idea where I was. It sort of looked like LA, but somethings were way different than when I'd just woken up. Also, I don't know who I am. Weird huh? I know Los Angeles is Los Angeles but I don't know my own name.

TEN things about Buffy Summers whoever I am

1. I don't know my own name.
2. I'm really strong.
3. This place is not the LA I came from.
4. How I know that exactly I'm not sure.
5. I have scars and I don't know how I got them.
6. I have killer taste in boots, have you seen these things?
7. I have no idea what the tattoo's on my body mean but I think they look pretty cool.
8. I feel scared but it seems kind of ... like an everyday thing for me. Which is odd.
9. This thing attacked me in the park and I kicked it's ass.
10. Blood does not come out of white very easily.

Muse | Buffy Summers (AU)
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

ooc: So yes, I'm bringing Buffy back ONCE again. But she's from an alternate world. Probably the one that has no shrimp. Heh. Right now she has amnesia, so she doesn't know slayers or Dawn or anyone. Eventually she'll start to remember her world - but it's gonna be way different from Canon. So it should be fun.