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27 April 2009 @ 03:02 pm
[012] i am the air  

[Room Filter 1019]
[When Buffy wakes up it's not slow like usual, it's fast, she nearly jerks upright but there are strong arms keeping her still. Strong cool arms, not cold, just cool. It's different because normally the difference is so massive that it's a bit of a sock. A slow smile curves over her face. She muses for a long moment about what to do next. A seduction scene could be fun but broody-pants is stubborn and she's not likely to get anything to eat out of it. She's so very hungry. Best case scenario she'd end up in chains and not for a happy fun time. So finally she slips out of bed careful not to wake the dead-weight up and gets dressed. She'll have to do something to cover up her smell soon enough. Once dressed she grabs her journal and smirks]

[Private to Angel, Handwritten]

Went out for something to eat. Sorry lover, pigs blood or whatever you've been living off these days just isn't going to do the trick. Hope you understand, I'm just starving.


ps. Catch me if you can.
[/End Private]

[With the message placed her journal open next to his bed just in case he doesn't look at his own, she slips out of the room ...]

[/End Room Filter]

[After leaving Angel's room Buffy carefully makes her way through the castle looking for some good prey.]

ooc: Begin Loss. Open to Akito/Agito & Lucian so far. More info here if you missed it.