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22 April 2009 @ 05:48 pm
[011] I am what I am, i do what I want  
I've been a little silent. Working mostly and leaving my journal in my room while I spend time with Angel. The whole dino adventure was interesting but let's just say I was distracted by Angel being human, you can't really blame me. At all. So don't go looking at me with eyes like that, people. You know what eyes I'm talking about!

The cruise was an ... interesting change of pace from what I was doing in town; which was construction work. It's a great work out and Xander's a really good boss but it's kind of monotonous. You know?

I'm afraid to ask what's next and I know it was insane with the dino's but ... honestly. To me that cruise was a bit of a gift. Having Angel human for even a day an hour. It's ... I can't put it into words.

And okay, I'll stop being gushy, girly and mushy.